Friday, 9 September 2016

The NEW Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (body only) has now arrived at our Sevenoaks store-

contact via phone: 01732 742 988 or email:

This could be the DSLR for all photographers, we are incredibly impressed. Here's what Canon has to say about their NEW model...

Capture detail. Capture everything

Designed to perform in every situation, the EOS 5D Mark IV is beautifully engineered and a thoroughly accomplished all-rounder. A 30.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor delivers images that are packed with detail and low in noise, even in bright highlight and dark shadow areas. A finer resolution means nothing is lost, allowing you the freedom to crop in for the perfect shot and retain the quality.

Revisit and refine: Each of the EOS 5D Mark IV’s 30-million pixels is made up of two photodiodes, which can be used together or individually. This technology enables the creation of Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) files, which contain a pair of images shot from two very slightly different points of view. When processed using Digital Photo Professional software, DPRAW files allow photographers to perform image adjustments to keep sharpness on the area intended.

Exceptional low light capture: Low light performance is improved at every ISO setting, with much reduced digital noise and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 32,000 (expandable to ISO 102,400). Be confident of superb image quality even when shooting in poor light.

Next level image processing: Built-in Lens Aberration Correction improves lens performance by compensating for factors like diffraction, distortion and chromatic aberrations to produce an image which is visibly superior.

Digital Lens Optimizer: A Digital Lens Optimizer adds another layer of correction, tackling even more optical phenomena, including the effect of the camera’s optical low-pass filter. The result: optimised performance and incredible image quality.

Clarity, contrast and colour: The 5D Mark IV features a choice of Auto White Balance (AWB) settings that take a different approach to artificial light. ‘Ambience Priority’ aims to retain some of the warm colour tones from artificial light sources in order to preserve some of the atmosphere of a scene, while ‘White Priority’ eliminates most of the warmth from tungsten lighting and tries to give colour-neutral images where possible.

Every detail carefully captured: The ‘Fine Detail’ Picture Style has been included in the 5D Mark IV to maximise the amount of detail captured by the cameras’ 30.4 Megapixel sensor. This setting prioritises gradation of tones and emphasises fine detail. Fine Detail Picture Style features three adjustable sharpening parameters, similar to those found in the Unsharp Mask filter in Adobe Photoshop and Canon’s DPP software.

Precision as standard

The EOS 5D Mark IV features advanced focusing and metering which captures moments and tracks them the instant they happen, even in difficult lighting.

In the blink of an eye: Stay focused on the action, with an expanded 61-point AF system that tracks even the most erratic of subjects. In the EOS 5D Mark IV, the 61 AF points1 have been given a wider area in which to operate – an 8 percent more vertical expansion in the central area, and 24 percent more vertical expansion in the peripheral area – giving greater freedom in where subjects can be placed when composing.

Fast, continuous focusing, even in low light: With a highly-sensitive AF sensor the focus performance on the EOS 5D Mark IV is assured, even down to light levels as low as EV-32. This is further improved to EV-43 when shooting in Live View with Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Superior AF accuracy, even with long lenses: If you are a sports or wildlife photographer, you will often have to use super telephoto lenses with extenders to get closer to your subjects. With a maximum of 61 points with 21 cross-AF type points at f/81, high precision focusing is made that much easier.

150K metering sensor: The EOS 5D Mark IV uses a dedicated 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor to carry out highly accurate exposure metering. This sensor also works in conjunction with the camera’s AF system to help detect and track coloured objects and perform face recognition.

Track your subjects with even greater accuracy: The EOS 5D Mark IV features the EOS iTR AF system, which greatly enhances the subject tracking performance. Customise the tracking based on your needs with different modes for when focusing and tracking a face or a different subject.

Choose the focus performance to match your subject: Canon’s AI servo AF III features an AF algorithm that, improves the tracking sensitivity in scenes where subject movements may occur suddenly. Six customisable AF Case study settings help you choose the most appropriate option for your subject such as Tracking Sensitivity, Acceleration/Deceleration tracking and AF Point Auto Switching.

Capture the moment under any artificial light source: The EOS 5D Mark IV detects flicker frequency of light sources and adapts the shooting timings to capture the image near peak brightness to reduce flicker effects. This function works with a flicker frequency of 100Hz and 120Hz and has an improved algorithm to prevent the incorrect detection of flickering light.

AF Point Selection: A new AF area selection button on the back of the EOS 5D Mark IV makes it easy to switch autofocus points with the camera still held to your eye.

Engineered for performance

Legendary cameras are built to last, and the EOS 5D series brought superior build quality, performance and advanced weathersealing1 to a new breed of photographers. The EOS 5D Mark IV continues that commitment to high speed performance and durability.

A processor for faster performance: At the heart of the EOS 5D Mark IV is a fast DIGIC 6+ processor that controls every aspect of the camera’s behaviour, including turning raw sensor data into high quality image files that are rich in detail and low in noise, with accurate colours and skin tones.

Capture every moment, frame by frame: Engineered from the ground up for performance, the EOS 5D Mark IV can shoot continuously at 7fps1 with full AF and autoexposure, capturing up to 21 RAW images or unlimited JPEGs in a single burst2. You’ll always be ready for the next frame. In Live View mode continuous shooting at 4.3 fps with AF tracking is possible. You’ll always be ready for the next frame.

Sharp and precise LCD touchscreen: A high-resolution 3.2-inch LCD screen with intuitive touch-screen controls makes shooting with the EOS 5D Mark IV a pleasure. Tap to choose menu commands and swipe back and forth when reviewing images. Four colour tone options enable you to clearly use the screen at any time, day or night.

Shoot in silence, remain discreet: Select silent shooting mode on the EOS 5D Mark IV to keep shutter noise to a minimum. Special damping allows the camera to operate silently in even the quietest environments.

Mirror Vibration Control System: Camera shake or mirror bounce vibration can cause blur, which is why Canon developed a Mirror Vibration Control System to minimise this blur and deliver sharp images with suppressed noise levels; perfect for shooting discreetly.

View, compose and shoot in total clarity: The Intelligent Viewfinder II with shooting information such as dual axis electronic level, offers a cleaner, brighter view of the scene through the lens with a nearly 100 percent view. With shooting information carefully arranged to facilitate easy and accurate composition, the display can be customised to suit the needs of the photographer.

Custom Quick Control Screen: Every photographer is unique and works in different ways. Because of this Canon engineers have made it possible to change the type, size and position of icons on the camera’s Custom Quick Control screen quickly and easily, so favourite settings can be found without fuss.

Durability and reliability: The EOS 5D Mark IV features resilient weatherproofing and a tough magnesium-alloy construction, giving you the confidence to keep shooting even when conditions worsen. Lighter than the EOS 5D Mark III, the EOS 5D Mark IV has been engineered for a reliable shooting performance and for longer.

Improve your shooting prowess: Battery Grip BG-E20 brings additional handling benefits to the EOS 5D Mark IV as well as double the battery capacity, allowing you to extend your shooting time and stay in control of the moment thanks to vertical controls for focus and metering.

Step up to cinematic 4K

Unleash the 4K filmmaker in you and add 4K EOS Movie to your creative portfolio.

Crystal clear clarity: Record your movie moments using the power of EOS 5D Mark IV’s incredible sensor to add detail and extra refinement to every scene. With options to record in high-resolution 4K1 as well as Full HD for frame rate options including 60p slow motion, the world of DSLR filmmaking just got better.

Capture the perfect still from any frame: A feature taken from the EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 5D Mark IV users can shoot 4K movies and save any frame as a beautifully detailed 8.8-megapixel still image straight to memory card as a JPEG file.

High frame rate: Faster frame rates bring new and exciting opportunities to immerse your audience into the moment. An incredible 120fps HD video capability captures even the fastest subject in glorious detail.

Focus like a pro: The EOS 5D Mark IV features Dual Pixel CMOS AF, one of the most important feature upgrades over the EOS 5D Mark III. Enabling smooth and precise pull focus transitions in any resolution from 4K to Full HD, just touch on the LCD the points you wish to focus to and from and let the camera do the rest.

Retain every detail in HDR Movie: By alternating between normal and under-exposed frames, HDR movie mode can compress the brightest parts of a scene and retain more highlight detail – thus delivering movies with a wide dynamic range.

Slow the pace, record the extraordinary: Timer shooting functions on the EOS 5D Mark IV allow timelapse recording of events in extraordinary clarity. Capture up to 3600 still frames for a Full HD movie with a playback time of around 2mins for a dynamic film with a difference.

Microphone and headphones, HDMI output: Microphone and headphone sockets let you record the perfect soundtrack to your movies and monitor audio for the perfect level. An HDMI connection delivers full audio and uncompressed Full HD output to external recorders and video monitors.

Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1: Connect the DM-E1 external microphone to your EOS 5D Mark IV and record the perfect soundtrack to your movies and monitor audio for the perfect level. An HDMI connection delivers full audio and uncompressed Full HD output to external recorders and video monitors.

Stay connected

Connect and share your images with ultra-fast USB 3.0, WiFi and NFC workflows.

Seamless integration: Use the EOS 5D Mark IV’s built-in Wi-Fi and NFC to connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or directly to selected image-sharing services. Ideal for sending images to clients and posting to social media platforms. FTP/FTPS support is great for those shooting in Wi-Fi equipped venues when added security is required.

Connect and shoot remotely: The EOS 5D Mark IV can be controlled wirelessly from a smart device running the Canon Camera Connect App (iOS or Android). Take a new view from hard-to-reach vantage points and remotely control features like Touch Focus – great for a focus puller working on a movie project.

Crop and resize: A crop and resize function in playback in the EOS 5D Mark IV allows users to rework the composition after shooting, easily resizing images for immediate sharing via the in-built Wi-Fi. Just as in the EOS-1D X Mark II, photographers can crop images as they would like to see published and quickly send to editors and picture desks.

Extend your Wi-Fi reach: WFT-E7 unit extends the camera’s wireless flexibility by offering photographers the ability to wirelessly transmit images from camera to a computer over a greater distance as well as providing enhanced remote capture and media server functionality.

In touch with the world: Built-in GPS geotags each image with your location and keeps the EOS 5D Mark IV’s internal clock accurate. It’s also more power efficient so you’ll be able to shoot for longer. GPS data helps when cataloguing pictures and lets you retrace your steps to find specific shooting locations again.

Never forget the data: Photojournalists depend on capturing every detail, and that includes vital written information too. Upload metadata templates to the EOS 5D Mark IV containing personal information, plus details of shoots. Every image captured will have this information embedded in its IPTC metadata fields.

Fast and reliable data transfer: USB 3.0 connectivity offers fast file transfer to PC and Mac computers – ideal for tethered shooting in studio environments.

Flexible recording options: The EOS 5D Mark IV offers SD and CF card slots accepting fast UDMA 7 cards with a write speed of up to 167MB per second.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


The NEW Fujifilm X-T2 (body only) has now arrived at our Sevenoaks store- 

contact via phone: 01732 742 988 or email:

The FUJIFILM X-T2 offers infinite possibilities

 In its compact, lightweight and robust body, the FUJIFILM X-T2 delivers everything you need. A large, high definition EVF, easy to use dials, high-speed AF, compatibility with an extensive range of high-performamce interchangeable lenses, Film Simulation modes that inherit the legacy of Fujifilm colors, unparalleled image quality and outstanding 4K movie recording, made possible by the latest sensor and processing engine, It is the X series perfected.
Outstanding image quality captures the beauty of the world around you
FUJIFILM X-T2 features the 24.3MP X-Trans™ CMOS III, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise.

Precisely capturing the subject
The high-speed processing power and the use of improved algorithms have significantly improved the basic autofocus performance, improving the focusing performance on small points of light, low-contrast objects and subjects with fine and delicate textures such as bird feathers and animal fur, which have previously been the weakness of phase detection AF.

Get back to basics by shooting through the viewfinder

Immerse yourself in photography through the large viewfinder with the magnification ratio of 0.77x. The sense of perfect alignment from the center of your body to a subject through the lens creates an illusion that you have become one with the camera for the ultimate photographic pleasure.
Grip specifically designed for the FUJIFILM X-T2 to bring out the camera's maximum potential

In the Boost mode, multiple batteries can operate at the same time to give a boost to camera performance in continuous shooting, shooting interval, shutter release time lag and blackout time, while also extending the duration of 4K video recording to approx. 30 minutes.

High quality video recording

Approx. 1.8 times the amount of information needed to produce 4K video (3840x2160) or 2.4 times required for full HD video (1920x1080) is packed in to create premium image quality with low moiré or artifacts.

For photographers who demand precise operation in all conditions

In the Boost mode, multiple batteries can operate at the same time to give a boost to camera performance in continuous shooting, shooting interval, shutter release time lag and blackout time, while also extending the duration of 4K video recording to approx. 30 minutes.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Nikon today have announced 3 new premium range compact cameras, which are the DL18-50 f/1.8-2.8, DL24-500 f/2.8-5.6 & the DL24-85 f/1.8-2.8. All 3 new models have 20.8MP 1-inch CX format sensor, high performance optics & 4K video capability at 30p & many more features. They target photographers who have an interest in Landscape/Architecture, Portraiture to Wildlife/Sports. I'm hedging my bets, that the DL24-85 f/1.8-2.8 will be wining camera. The cameras are now up on Nikon's website, here's a brief description from Nikon's press release. 

 The Nikon DL24-85 f/1.8-2.8 - No more regrets for always-on photographers. The fast NIKKOR 24-85mm f/1.8-2.8 zoom lens provides superb flexibility and Super Macro mode delivers richly detailed close-ups. This camera also packs a 1037k-dot OLED tilt touchscreen and pop-up flash. The lens barrel features a customisable control ring and zoom ring. Available in silver or black.

The Nikon DL18-50 f/1.8-2.8 - The portable way to big perspectives
With an impressive f/1.8 aperture at 18 mm, this Nikon DL boasts the brightest ultra-wide-angle lens Nikon has ever made. The lens features Nikon’s acclaimed Nano Crystal Coat for greater image clarity. The camera features a 1037k-dot OLED tilt touchscreen and in-camera Perspective Control. Available in classic black.

The Nikon DL24-500 f/2.8-5.6 - Serious reach, and the image quality to make it worthwhile. With an ultra-high-power 21x zoom NIKKOR lens and SPORT (VR) mode, this Nikon DL is perfect for always-on photographers with an eye for motion. This camera also sports a built-in 2359k-dot OLED electronic viewfinder, and a high-resolution OLED vari-angle touchscreen. Available in classic black.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Due to the incredible demand for the NEW Fujifilm X-Pro2, expected this month Fujifilm have now delayed the release date to March 2016. This is so manufacturing efforts can be increased to try & stem the massive numbers of worldwide Pre-Orders. No guarantees, but with sly wink from our man at Fuji are hoping to receive them early March. Customers who Pre-Order the X-Pro2 will get priority on the initial limited supply of stock.

Our man at Fujifilm was also kind enough to let us have a little play of a pre-production model. To say that the X-Pro2 is nothing short of incredible is a gross understatement.

Friday, 5 February 2016


With the resolution of digital cameras ever increasing to higher levels, lenses also need to evolve. Sony are looking into the future announcing 3 of 'Tomorrows' lenses 'Today'. These 3 NEW lenses are part of their NEW 'G Master' lens line-up- The Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM, Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS & Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM
(designed for Full Frame Sony A7 Series models).

If your interested in lens technology, please have a look at this concept YouTube video on the NEW G Master Lens.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Fujifilm have been busy, now offering NEW firmware updates for 3 of their X-Series models- the Fujifilm X-T1, X-T10 & X-E2. The Firmware updates mainly address some underlying focusing issues & compatibility with the new Fujifilm XF 100-400mm, but for the X-E2, the update substantially upgrades the cameras Auto-focus performance & some new features.


The firmware update Ver. 4.00 from Ver.3.10 incorporates the following issues:

1. New AF System
(1)New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects. (*)
The AF System complements the fast and accurate 49-single-point autofocus system with new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, which use 77 autofocus points across a wider area to substantially improve the camera's ability to capture moving subjects.

(2)Improvement of AF accuracy.
Single-point AF divides the focus area into smaller sections to more accurately determine the distance to the subject for even greater focusing accuracy. The built-in phase detection pixels have the detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV, delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects.

(3) Eye Detection AF. (*)
The firmware update provides Fujifilm's Eye Detection AF, which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes.
The function allows you to easily focus on the eyes even in difficult conditions, e.g. when shooting a portrait wide open to obtain a beautiful bokeh background.

(4)Auto Macro mode. (*)
The firmware update introduces the Auto Macro function, which automatically switches the camera into the Macro mode while maintaining the conventional AF speed. You no longer have to press the Macro button to initiate a close-up shot. This update eliminates the Macro function assigned to the Macro Button, allowing you to assign a different function to the button.

(5)AF improvement in the Movie mode.
The optimized algorithm delivers a more natural and smooth AF action during movie recording.

2. Function enhancements
(6)High-speed electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec. (*)
The FUJINON XF Lens series lineup includes a number of fast fixed focal length lenses which boast very high sharpness with the aperture wide open, producing excellent out of focus "bokeh". However, fast apertures are difficult to use if the light is too bright, so to ensure users can create shallow depth-of-field effects, the camera is now equipped with a fully electronic shutter offering a maximum shutter speed of 1/32000sec. The mechanical shutter will not operate at all when any speed for the electronic shutter is selected, which also delivers a completely silent shooting experience; perfect for shots of sleeping children, pets, weddings, and more. In addition, it is possible to set the electronic shutter in 1/3 steps from a range of 1sec to 1/32000sec.

Notes1: Shutter Sound
The shutter sound can be muted if desired. Use the new "SHUTTER SOUND" and "SHUTTER VOLUME" options in the setup menu to choose the type and volume of the sound made when the shutter is released.

Notes2: The Electronic Shutter may not be suitable for fast-moving objects. Flash can not be used.

(7)White Balance Bracketing. (*)
Just fire the shutter once and capture the same scene at your selected white balance setting plus one frame at a warmer and another at a cooler color temperature. White Balance bracketing can be set in ±1, ±2 and ±3 steps.

(8)Enhanced ISO Auto Setting to AUTO1/AUTO2/AUTO3. (*)
You can use three ISO Auto setting AUTO1/AUTO2/AUTO3 in menu.

(9)Exposure Compensation control in Manual.
You can use the Exposure Compensation dial to make exposure adjustments while shooting in the Manual exposure mode with the ISO Auto setting.  

(10)Natural Live View function is just like the naked eye. (*)
One of the great benefits of an electronic viewfinder is that 'what you see is what you get'; the final image is displayed in real-time so any Film Simulation modes or other effects can be checked while shooting. But users sometimes need to see colors close to how they're viewed with an optical finder, or to focus on shadow detail, which some high-contrast effects block out. To aid this, the Natural Live View function has been added and, when "PREVIEW PIC. EFFECT" is turned Off in the menu, an image close to the naked eye is displayed during live view.  

(11)Finer lines on the framing grid enhances visibility
The lines on the framing grid, which you can choose to display in the Screen Set-Up menu, have been made finer   making it easier to view the subject.  

(12)New Video Frame rates (50P / 25P / 24P). (*)
As well as the existing 60fps and 30fps selections, 50fps, 25fps and 24fps options will be available with the update. 50fps and 25fps allow video editing in the PAL regions, such as Europe, without converting the frame rate. 24fps offers a cinema-like view.

(13)Manual Shooting in Video mode. (*)
The update will enable ISO sensitivity selection prior to shooting videos, as well as the ability to adjust aperture and shutter speed during movie recording.  

(14)Phase detection AF support for Instant AF. (*)
In Instant AF mode, which is operated by pressing the AF-L button during manual focusing, the update will enable Phase Detection AF, providing faster focusing speeds.  

(15)Expansion of shutter speed in Program Shift mode. (*)
In the current Program Shift mode, the slowest-speed setting is 1/4sec, but this will increase to a maximum of 4secs.

3. Operability improvements
(16)The new user interface.
The new user interface has been designed with particular attention paid to the size and layout of displayed settings.  
This allows you to concentrate fully on shooting through the viewfinder.  

(17)Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation. (*)
When the Shutter Speed Dial is set to T and the Shutter Type to Mechanical + Electronic, you can use the command dial to set a full range of exposure times from 30-1/32000sec. Previously, this was limited to 30-2 seconds. This means you can change the shutter speeds across a broader range without having to change camera position.  

(18)Name of Silent mode changed to avoid confusion. (*)
The Silent Mode has been renamed to "SOUND & FLASH ".  

(19)Direct selection of AF area. (*)
The update will let users select the focus area using the 4-way selector buttons, without pressing the Fn key.  

(20)Unlocked AE-L / AF-L Buttons. (*)
The function of the AE-L / AF-L button is currently locked, but will be interchangeable, depending on the user's preference.  

(21)Variable Focus Area during MF. (*)
When working in Manual focus mode, the update will enable changing the size of the focus area during Instant AF with the AF-L button.  

(22)Q. Menu customization. (*)
To make the Q Menu (used for quick access of frequently-used items) even more efficient, the update will allow its items and layout to be changed to the user's preference.  

(23)Interlocking of Metering and Focus areas. (*)
Users will be able to interlock the AF area position with the Metering area when Spot Metering mode is selected.  

(24)Movie Recording. (*)
Movie recording starts by pressing a function button not the shutter button. "MOVIE" in DRIVE options is eliminated.

4. Other changes with the update
(25)Supports focus limiter function for XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.    To be fully compatible with the lens, the new firmware supports focus limiter function for FUJINON XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.    

"BACKGROUND COLOR" menu in "SCREEN SET-UP" menu is eliminated.

(27)The maximum number of images taken in the continuous shooting mode.

JPEG in High-speed continuous shooting mode: approx. 28 images ⇒ approx. 18 images RAW in High-speed and Low-speed continuous shooting mode: 1 or 2 less images than before the update.

The firmware update Ver. 1.20 from Ver.1.10 incorporates the following issues:

1. Supports focus limiter function for XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.
To be fully compatible with the lens, the new firmware supports focus limiter function for FUJINON XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.

2. Improvement of the eye sensor's performance.
The phenomenon is fixed, that switching LCD display to EVF can be slow with some SD cards right after Power ON.

The firmware update Ver. 4.30 from Ver.4.21 incorporates the following issues:

1.Using a flashgun in Bracketing / Continuous shooting.
Optional flashguns can be used for bracketing and burst photography. When using the EF-X8, which is bundled with the X-T1, the flash fires in ISO, FILM SIMULATION and WHITE BALANCE BKT modes.

2. Instant AF Setting in manual focus
Focus and exposure can be locked when the AF-L button is used in manual focus mode. You can shoot after locking AF and AE with your thumb.

3. AF+MF operation with AF-L button
The AF-L button can be used to lock focus in AF+MF mode and you can adjust the focus more accurately using the lens's focusing ring.

4. Focus zoom in AF+MF
The FOCUS ASSIST button can be used for focus zoom and you can focus using the lens's focusing ring with focus zoom activated.

5. Additional Custom Display options
Functions have been added to the DISP. CUSTOM SETTING option in the setup menu.


6. The Fn7 Button
The movie-record button doubles as an Fn button (Fn7). Press and hold DISP/BACK to select what it controls.

7. Supports focus limiter function for XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.
To be fully compatible with the lens, the new firmware supports focus limiter function for FUJINON XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.

8. In AF-C mode, freeze will happen on certain conditions.
(Solution for the issues of Firmware Ver. 4.20)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Olympus has just announced the latest addition to its PEN series interchangeable lens compact system camera- the Olympus PEN F. Based on the Olympus PEN F 35mm film camera from 1963, at first glance you cant help but think you are looking at an old film classic. Olympus have been very true to their 1960's original design & modernised where needed, in doing so, have created something absolutely stunning. The NEW Olympus PEN-F may have the look & the feel of the cool & stylish Sixties, but hidden beneath its beautiful exterior is all the latest in Olympus's digital technology making it their highest spec camera to date. 

Its Quick & Responsive & due to the Olympus PEN-F's small range-finder design it appears less intrusive making it the ideal Street Photography camera, probably will give stiff competition to the also newly announced Fujifilm X-Pro2. As well as its outdoor prowess, for those capturing Still- life in a studio the Olympus PEN-F has a feature that will be very appealing- the High Res Shot. First bought out in the Olympus OM-D E-M5mkII, the High Res Shot uses the cameras in-built image stabilising system to capture multiple image & combines it into one Ultra High Quality image. Tests showed that as long as your subject is static, the OM-D E-5mkII 40MP High Res Shot could capture more detail than the likes of a  Full Frame Nikon D810 & the NEW Olympus PEN F has an impressive 50MP High Res Shot- enough said there..!!!

Key Features:

Beautifully Moulded Range-Finder Design.

NEW 20MP Live MOS Micro Four-Thirds Sensor.

In-built 5 Axis Image Stabilisation.

81 Auto-Focus Points.

10 Frames-Per-Second.

2.36MP High Visibility Electronic Viewfinder.

3" Vari-Angle Touch Panel LCD (1037K Dot).

Creative Dial at the front of the Camera gives direct access to 4 Creative Functions: Monochrome Profile Control, Colour Profile Control, Art Filters & Colour Creator.

1080 HD Video - only 4K in time-lapse mode.